Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Going 100 mph

The past couple weeks I feel like I've been going about 100 mph.  Even in my down time my head is still spinning with everything I need to or should be doing.  Breathe.  That's what I keep telling myself.  Despite the fast pace of life right now, things have been running fairly smoothly, so that's a plus :)  Although I would love to post everything I've been up to, I'm afraid time just won't allow right now.  But let me tell you briefly: we took an overnight road trip for the 1st time with two kiddos, went to 2 dinner parties, had friends over for dinner, sewed curtains, dyed our couches, installed lights, and prepped 14 new diapers for sewing.  All while keeping the house in order, waking up at 5am, adjusting to the time change, and trying to spend some quality time together.  I'm hoping to post pictures of these things at some point...

On another note, I finally uploaded some pictures onto the computer from both cameras.  I love this one of Noah smiling.
Then I realized it reminded me of a picture of Anthony.  I haven't thought they look much alike until now....
What do you think???  Noah is 9.5 weeks in his picture and Anthony is 15.5 weeks in his, but boy do they look the same.  Here's another one of Anthony at 11 weeks (one of my favorites of him).
And another of Noah at 9.5 weeks.
How fast they grow!!!  Now 2.5 years later I've not got this handsome boy loving on his baby brother.

*Sigh* Being a mommy sure is hard work, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!


Just Me said...

Amen! Being a mommy is the best. I love babies!! kiss those cheeks, and I do think they look alike!

Deb K said...

Too Cute :-)

I am your newest follower From MBC :-)

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joyceandnorm said...

Busy busy!...like we are over here. Keeps live interesting huh? =p

Cute pics! I think my girls are twins separated by 2 years. I was having flashbacks in the hospital after Emily was born. They look too much alike. Only the hair makes you think they look different. =p

Melody is like a sponge. I can't even help how much she is taking in. I know what you mean though...like I don't want to seem like I'm showing off my kid...that she knows all these things that even surprise me, like she started writing the numbers and I didn't even teach her, or she'll start sounding out words, but that's just who she is. And I am not one to "compete" with other moms or whatnot. Kids are all different and they learn at different speeds, and some are better at others in certain things.

Kim said...

Your babies are too cute!

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