Friday, February 26, 2010

What a week!!!

This week has absolutely flown by... not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing :)

Monday, we met up with Daddy for a lovely picnic.  It was still a little on the chilly side, but absolutely beautiful!  We had a great time trying to take a family picture... here's our best shot:

Tuesday was Mom's group, and we finished up Gift from the Sea.  I'm a couple chapters behind, but I plan to write about it when I'm done.  Definitely a must read (and an easy one too).

Wednesday I had to take the older one to the dentist.  I was SO proud of him!!!  Last time, he wouldn't open his mouth, but this time he got x-rays, fluoride, and let them brush his teeth.... All without so much as a peep.  I couldn't believe it!
I also had to take a trip back to the lactation office :(  Good news is we think we've figured out what's going on... too much milk.  The remedy?  Eat a ton of Altoids. 
I guess peppermint will lower my supply.  So I have 8 more hours to eat at least 16 more of these guys.  I'm sure going to have some minty fresh breath!

Yesterday, I played catch up from being out of the house all week, but I did get the chance to make a couple loafs of bread.  I tried two new recipes.  Amish bread for the Hubby and Anthony, and a gluten free sweet dark bread for me.  I can't tell you much about the first other than it was incredibly easy to make, but the gluten free loaf... oh my goodness I am in Heaven!  This was the best gluten free bread I have every had.  Ever!  I think I had at least 4 slices of it right out of the beadmaker.  I will definitely be making this weekly... maybe even twice a week :)
Today marked day 3 of my hubby and I waking up at 5am for coffee and the Word together.  We are doing the B90X reading plan, pretty intense, but we're loving it.  I thought it would kill me getting up so early, but I actually look forward to it.  I'm loving the stillness and quietness of the morning, and discussing what I am learning with my husband.  I have also found that I am way more patient with Anthony having had time to fully wake up and be ready for the day before he gets out of bed.  Not something I expected with getting less sleep.  

The rest of the day I will be catching up on laundry (while hopefully sneaking in a movie during naptime), doing school with Anthony, and sewing a few diapers for friend.  Sounds simple enough, but everything is a huge undertaking right now with two.  

Hope everyone else had a good week!

PS- Welcome Company Girls... This is my first week joining in for some coffee :)


bashtree said...

welcome to you!

Sounds like you have quite a bit going on. Altoids? Who'da thunk??

Ashley said...

That bread looks delicious! Glad you were able to enjoy some yummy GF bread!

Cathy said...

Your bread looks wonderful! What kind of flour do you use? I bake our bread here too. I love trying new recipes.
What a sweet family you have. So glad you've linked up!
Have a great weekend!

mholgate said...

Welcome to coffee! Glad you linked up with us! :) That bread looks absolutely yummy! Is it a recipe you can share with us?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

joyceandnorm said...

How old are you little ones? I'm planning to take the older one to the dentist soon, but not sure how it'll go. I did not know about the peppermints. I think I totally had too much milk the first time. Shoot, too bad I didn't know about it.

Glad you got to enjoy the picnic and some time with other moms.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend! said...

welcome to CGC :)

I love the attempt at a family photo, haha. But really, the picnic sounds heavenly.

Laura said...

Yes, please check out the recipe... the link is in my post. I didn't have any sorghum flour on hand though so I used a mix I already had made up of soy, potato starch, brown rice, tapioca, garbanzo flour and corn starch.

Thanks for stopping by!