Monday, February 1, 2010

Care to join me?!?

This month I have decided to take a break from Facebook to spend more focused time praying for friends, family, and finances.  Now that I can access Facebook from my phone, I have found myself "checking in," so to say, whenever I sit down to feed Noah.  I haven't really thought anything of it because it's not like I could be doing anything else.  The past week or so, I have felt guilty every time I sign on though.  After spending some time in prayer about it, I realized I could use that time in a much better way.  Prayer!!!  I actually really enjoy praying, but I usually find myself so busy or tired, that I forget to stop and spend time with the Lord.  I have been given the opportunity though, thanks to my new little man, to stop multiple times throughout the day (and night) to just sit and be still.  So I'm going to try and make the most of this gift I've been given.

I have decided to choose a different thing to pray about each day to help me stay focused.  Here's what my week will look like:

Monday: My husband
Tuesday: Friends we know on the mission field in India, England, Dominican Republic, and Mexico
Wednesday: My sons... I love that this is plural now :)
Thursday: My friend's marriages
Friday: My siblings... between Tony and I we have 14!!!
Saturday: Direction and purpose for our family
Sunday: Our Finances

So how about you?  Is anyone else up to the challenge?  Maybe Facebook isn't the thing to fast for you, but I'm sure you know exactly what your thing is.

Please keep me in your prayers this month that I would be successful following through with this decision, and for breakthrough in the specific things I will be praying for!


CanadianMama said...

This is a great idea! How is it going so far?

Laura said...

It's going pretty well... thanks for asking! I actually haven't even been tempted to get onto Facebook. My "prayer sessions", if you want to call it that, haven't been as deep as I was hoping, but I know that God knows my heart and still hears my prayers.