Tuesday, January 12, 2010

He's Here!!!

Noah Robert arrived Thursday afternoon, at 2:47pm.  He weighed 7lbs 9oz and was 20.5" long.  I sure am glad I was induced 10 days early, or he would have been a big baby!!!  I had an easy labor and delivery, although it was a little over an hour longer than with Anthony.  Guess second babies aren't always born faster :)

Noah is an absolute sweetheart!  Anthony was an amazing baby so I thought for sure we would be in for a much harder time.  God definitely blessed us again though, and little Noah is living up to his name already.  (It means peace, rest, and comfort.)

He is a champion eater... at his check up yesterday he was only one ounce shy of his birth weight.  Normally they don't see that until 2 weeks, but he's only 4 days :)  We no longer have to be concerned about him eating every 2 to 3 hours during the night, so he can sleep as long as he'd like.  He does seem to be quite the night owl though, and was still wide awake last night at 1am.  Good thing I'm still in complete awe and didn't mind just looking at his sweet little face.

Anthony is loving his baby brother.  He wants to hold him, "all by himself", all the time, and does a great job reminding baby brother to not scratch his face... although were trying to work on not yelling at him to stop :)  He's not so happy with Tony and I right now, so I am very happy my mom is here to help with him.  I'm not sure what he's feeling exactly, but he doesn't really want anything to do with us.  At least he's not taking it out on Noah.

So happy to introduce you to our newest addition!


Oh My Baby said...

Congratulations!! He's beautiful!! Stopping by from MBC 50. I'm following you

Tina - My Own Party of 5 said...

He's absolutely beautiful! Congratulations to you all!

jamielz said...

Congrats! He is perfect!

Ode to Motherhood said...


Look forward to reading your blog.

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Luv to Save said...

congratulations!! he is beautiful.

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lovemylevi said...

Congrats, how sweet. You are blessed with a beautiful family!

hypermom said...

Congratulations!! He is so cute!! :)

Turning the Clock Back said...

congratulations! He is beautiful! Following from MBC, come follow me back if you have a spare moment (ha!)



Miss Liz said...

He is adorable!! Congrats!