Monday, November 2, 2009

Newborn Sleeper

Yesterday morning I came across a new blog: This Mama Makes Stuff.  She has a tutorial for turning a T-shirt into a newborn nightgown, and I fell in love :)  I had set aside one of Tony's old t-shirts when working on his quilt... a cute baseball shirt from when he was little with Collazo across the back.  I decided the front of his shirt would be perfect for this project, so I got to work!  I wish I had a before picture... all of our cameras in the house happened to be dead at the same time.  (What are the chances of that!?!?)  Here's my after though:

I love it!  I think I will have to start watching for shirts at the thrift store so I can make some more.  These would be a fun addition to the baby blankets I usually make for shower gifts.

The back of the shirt I'm saving for another project for Anthony.  Thinking it will make a great Christmas gift for him.  You'll have to wait for that one though!


The Durhams said...

What's the website?

Laura said...

you should just be able to click on the link, but it's