Friday, April 24, 2009

Did you know...?

My friend, Christina, posted about some things yesterday she's learned this week in raising her adorable little guy, see the cute button above. It made me laugh thinking of all the crazy things we learn as we go about raising kids.

Here's what I learned yesterday:

Did you know...

...waking your son up from a 5 hour nap, to find out he has a fever of 106.1 is very scary... especially when he's shaking

...having a nurse tell you to just give your son some Motrin and push fluids is NOT comforting after saying at 107 I need to worry about seizures... we took him to Urgent Care

... a sick 21 month old, will still tell you he needs to go potty to avoid "wet pants" even with a diaper on

... your husband will drop whatever he's doing at work and immediately come home upon hearing about his sick son... even when he's at an important trade show with all of his bosses

... when you're coming home late for dinner, because you've been at Urgent Care for the past 2 hours, do not stop at Albertson's for a rotisserie chicken... they put them out at 1pm. Nothing sounds appetizing about a chicken that's been sitting out for 6 hours... even when you're really hungry

...when your son is sick you get to cuddle him all day without being pushed away... enjoy it while you can because...

...the next morning, even with a fever of 103, he will be acting normal again... even if mom's still worried

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Christina said...

I'm finally catching up on blogs, comments, etc.

I love your idea!! I thought I was just being silly when I wrote the "did you know?" post, but I really think you may be on to something!

Perhaps I'll get super-crafty and even try to include a Mr. Linky and create a button for the post... you know--like the Focus Friday thing we do.

My wheels are turning, Miss Laura!

...and I sure hope your little guy is feeling more like himself now, the poor baby!