Monday, February 16, 2009

Focus Friday (On Monday)

Focus Friday

So I know it is now Monday, not Friday, but I still wanted to participate in Focus Friday this week.

I did okay on my goals for last week. I got the box of clutter put away (took me all of 5 mins) and got to a good stopping point on Tony's Valentines gift (I started scrapbooking our wedding... pics to come soon). However, I did not get the baby gates clean. I'd like to say I didn't get to it because they are stored in the attic of our garage, but I know that even if Tony brought them down for me I wouldn't have got them done.

This week my "to-do" list is insane! Since we are leaving to Olympia and onto the Dominican Republic in less than two weeks, the amount of things I need to accomplish are unbelievable. (It also doesn't help that Tony will be out of town almost everyday until we leave.) So my goals I'm posting on here have to do with me... thanks Jamie :o)

-Devotions/Study of 1 Peter :1-12
-Study my Spanish

Hopefully taking some time out to do these things for me will keep me from getting too overwhelmed!

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