Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wife and Mommy

I love being a wife and mommy! Although there are definitely days when I may tell you otherwise, I genuinely love both of these roles. Today my morning has been filled with making breakfast, doing the dishes, working on our taxes, and going through things that have never really gotten unpacked from 2 years ago. I feel like I was pretty productive, but I am struggling with this... How do I maintain a household while still being a great Mom to Anthony? Although I got a lot done this morning, as I was laying him down for his nap I realized I really hadn't spent any time with.

I don't think I have unrealistic expectations for keeping my house a certain way. There are always dishes to be done and laundry to put away. I know my house is not going to be spotless and I don't expect it to be. Maintaining the house is so much more than just cleaning though and these are the things that really pile up. I have thank you cards to write from Christmas, let alone the 3 Christmas gifts that still need to be finished and mailed. All of the information for our taxes needs to be gathered, so that I can then actually do them. I've got Spanish to study, devotions to read, and some form of exercise to try and squeeze in. Bills to pay, grocery shopping to do, and of course cooking meals. I'm not overwhelmed, I just don't know how to get it all done! And when I do accomplish something, I end up feeling horrible because I didn't spend any time just sitting on the floor playing with my son. And this is what really matters to me.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to tackle everything that needs to get done while still being a loving, attentive mother? I don't want my son to grow up remembering that I was always too busy to play with him, but there are things that have to get done. Advice?

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Christina said...

I totally missed this post somehow, but I've been thinking about it...

Anthony is a bit older now... does he love to help you?? I know it's only for to help mom for so long at a time, but that might be a way to involve him more AND get some things accomplished?

He might be able to stick stamps to your envelopes for bills (I've read before that kids who are involved in budgeting/bill paying learn to manage money better), help you get items from the store shelves, put laundry in his dresser drawers or stuff dirty clothes into the machine... exercise could be running around outside with him, walking around a mall when it's cold out, etc... (what about swimming together?)

While he's napping, you can study your Spanish or read your devotions, as those are things that you need quiet, alone time for.

Mind you, Camden is only two months old, so I might be clueless! lol!! But I think the best way to be productive AND spend time together is just to involve him as much as possible, even if it means the task will take a bit longer to finish.